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NANO SOMA Nutraceutical Supplement

NANO SOMA acts on nuclear vitamin D receptors (VDR) that are present in cells throughout the body to stimulate the immune system and inhibit a variety of disease processes.

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NANO SOMA (US patent 8,722,093 Metadichol®) is a nano emulsion of long-chain alcohols found in many foods.

It is commonly called policosanol and is present in foods such as rice, sugar cane, wheat and peanuts.

NANO SOMA acts on nuclear vitamin D receptors (VDR) (US patent 9,006,292 Metadichol®) that are present in cells throughout the body to stimulate the immune system and inhibit a variety of disease processes.

NANO SOMA is an extract of policosanol, a combination of long chain aliphatic alcohols. This ingredient is found in many foods, including broccoli, wheat, sugar cane, sorghum, distiller’s grain, apples, peanuts. Indeed, many are seeds that we consume every day.

It has been made into a nano-emulsion, which acts on nuclear receptors (NR) which are present in the nucleus of each and every cell and contains software necessary for Homeostasis. By virtue of their abilities to regulate a myriad of human developmental and physiological functions (reproduction, development, and metabolism), nuclear receptors have been implicated in a wide range of diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc.

Rudolf Virchow, the father of pathology, wrote, "All diseases are reducible to passive or active disturbances of cells". This view was echoed in 1925 by the eminent geneticist and cell biologist E.B.Wilson whom stated, "The key to every biological problem must finally be sought in the cell. This is what NANO SOMA ® is designed to do.

It can be a little hard to visualise how our bodies respond to this extraordinary gift to humanity, and be clear this is a nutritional supplement, not a medicine. And this is the key to understanding NANO SOMA - how our bodies respond. Suddenly our bodies can deal naturally with the vast array of pathogens that have compromised the immune system, including previously incurable illnesses and diseases. Also, our body recovers its ability to heal its genetic code. One outcome is the recovery of the ability to naturally produce its own Vitamin C, an ability also missing in primates and guinea pigs. All other animals can. Suddenly our bodies have levels of natural Vitamin C that we could NEVER get through supplementation, and it is fully compatible with our bodies.

Also, the shortening of the telomere, which occurs as our cells divide and is the key element in our ageing process, stops and reverses. The developer of NANO SOMA told me he is 68 years old and with a biological age of 51 because he has been using NANO SOMA for almost 10 years. He is getting biologically younger one year each year!!!

And this is just the beginning. All through food components that are completely natural and part of our everyday diets, packaged in a special way.

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Here is a partial - but extensive - list of testimonials. They are very humbling. NANO SOMA is a breakthrough in human health, healing and vitality. Nothing less.

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Simply use 5 sprays/day under your tongue or on your skin. That's it!!!

5 sprays once/day will use one 25ml bottle in approximately 30 days, less days if you use more than 5 sprays.