Pain Aid Pad - replaced by Lumbar Health Waist Band

The Pain Pad is a powerful tool for reducing and potentially eliminating back and other pain.

Apply to the painful area for an hour twice per day.

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The Keshe Foundation Pain Pad is amazing! But there is nothing like the words of its users to demonstrate this.

Click on this link to read some extraordinary user testimonials.

Using plasma technology, which is based on magnetic-gravitational field interaction, the pad emits plasma fields that penetrate up to 3cm below the skin, helping to bring the body back into balance. It never needs to be recharged.

Just apply it to the painful area for an hour twice per day.

Click here to watch my video introducing both the Pain Pad and the Pain Pen.

Click on this link for the brochure. When you order one, I will send you more specific instructions on its use.

The following is a quote from Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, who has known Mehran Keshe for some time:

After an emergency room visit and two visits to my primary care physician at the VA, under whose treatment I got only moderately worse, I turned to Keshe. Keshe sent me a belt, a rather nice thing, lots of Velcro, flexible, one of his plasma things. In two hours I was better, not permanently, but no pain, no inflammation.

I had Hanke get one too, who has hip damage from his 2000 plus parachute jumps (yes, that many). Keshe medical technology can cure a rainy day, at least when it comes to pain, inflammation and healing issues. Chalk one up for Keshe.

These usually ship next business day.