Home GANS Production Kit

The Home GANS Production Kit is a starter kit for those who want to make their own GANS.


Simple GANS kit comes complete with:

  • nano-coated rigid plastic box
  • 4 plastic connection clips
  • 2 alligator clips
  • sea salt for first batch
  • instructions so you will ready to start producing GANS.

Your Choice of GANS capture plates (choose below):

  • CO2 - Nano-Coated Copper and Zinc
  • CH3 - Nano-Coated Copper and Iron
  • ZnO - Nano-Coated Zinc and Zinc
  • CuO - Nano-Coated Copper and Copper

* CO2 kits include a small led.

The product is shipped within 30 DAYS from the PAYMENT confirmation.