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GANS Pack with Health Protocols

The GANS Pack provides you with the GANS of CO2, the GANS of zinc oxide, of CH3 and of copper oxide, along with a series of Health Protocols from Mehran Keshe on how to use them to support your body's health and healing.

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The GANS Pack provides you with the GANS of CO2, the GANS of zinc oxide, of CH3 and of copper oxide. These can then be used to produce plasmatically activated water from each of these, which in turn can be used, following the protocols that will be provided with the GANS Pack you receive and that have been provided by Mehran Keshe and which he has been using for many years, to assist with healing Type I & II diabetes, elevated blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, stroke, Alzheimer’s, ALS and other conditions. There is also evidence they can assist your body in clearing cancer.
In addition to providing the usage protocols, you will receive a link to a video which explains how to handle these materials for the best outcomes and for their longevity, which can be many years if handled correctly.

Click on this link to watch the video introducing the GANS Pack and which shares the extraordinary healing journey of Naomi Lapadula, who was left with a severe brain injury after a car accident in July, 2016 and whose father, Giovanni, worked with these extraordinary materials to literally grow Naomi a new brain!!! Naomi was placed in palliative care to die, and as of early June, 2017 was home and completing her rehabilitation. MRI scans show she now has a normal brain.
As Mr. Keshe says, anything is possible with these materials.

Further to this, in August 2018, Mr Keshe explained how the plasma water of the GANS of CO2 can break down glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's herbicide, Roundup. Glyphosate is very dangerous to our bodies and Monsanto recently lost a court case to a cancer sufferer, with USD289M in damages awarded, a case Monsanto plans to appeal. Importantly for all of us, it has been demonstrated that glyphosate is widespread in our food chain and also in our water because of its widespread use for some 50 years. Click on this link to watch Mr. Keshe explain how the plasma water of the GANS of CO2 can break down glyphosate and protect our bodies and those of our loved ones. This link provides a written explanation of the nature and role of glyphosate and how the GANS of CO2 acts to break it down.

This article shares the case of a Chinese man treated with plasma waters for an advanced Type II diabetic condition, including a diabetic foot and eye damage (oculomotor nerve palsy), who showed a remarkable recovery.

Click here to read some of the amazing testimonials I am receiving from users.

As you may know, neither Mr Keshe nor myself are medical doctors, and this does not constitute medical advice nor am I practising medicine, nor does the GANS Pack constitute medicine. People have been using things from our natural environment to heal themselves and each other for many thousands of years including many forms of plant life, and this information is simply sharing new understandings that enable you to change the state of your body and allow it to heal. You will just be drinking water and maybe taking some selected supplements, if they are required for your condition.

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